It's official, we have found the woman with the world's biggest hips!  Mikel Ruffinelli is a 5'4" 420 pound mother of 4.  Her hips measure an astonishing eight feet round.  According to the description of the this YouTube video "The 39-year-old's waist measures just 40 inches but her 100 inch hips are as so wide she can't fit through doorways and has to buy two seats on planes and trains."  

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings have to say about this big booty babe below.

If they're fat and they're happy, I don't care.  I mean, if they are 500 pounds and they're happy with themselves, great!  But, you also don't brag about what you're doing.  I feel the same way about somebody who smokes.  If you're happy and you're smoking a carton a day.  That's fine.  But you shouldn't go on TV going 'I'm the best smoker in the world, look at me, look at me, I'm so great!'  You're not doing something great here.  You are just overeating and you're fat.  Now if you wanna be that way, and you're happy with yourself, cool.  But don't brag about it to the world like you're doing something good. - Hot Wings