This is likely to be a long, ranty blog. I'm warning you ahead of time so that you can skip it if you're not into that kind of thing.

There's a new kit on the market that's out there for all of those girls who find themselves doing the "walk of shame" and want to be prepared. And I'm pretty sure it's one of the more ridiculous products marketed to women I've come across since the Bic Lady Pens, and that laptop that was marketed specifically to women

Introducing the "Walk Of Shame Kit". It's a kit for all of the ladies out there who spend the night with a random guy, and don't want to walk home wearing the clothes they wore last night. I get it, making that walk home in stilettos and a micro-mini is difficult and painful, but the fact that this kit exists is a little (or a lot) stupid.

The kit consists of "practical things", I guess. Every kit (which you can purchase for the low price of $34.99) contains:

  • A dress (which sounds more like a robe to me).
  • A pair of flip flops (what if it's winter?).
  • A backpack (handy!).
  • Sunglasses (to hide all of the eyeliner from last night, I guess?).
  • A pre-pasted toothbrush ("4/5 dentists remind you that you may not remember where your mouth has been. Really?!?)
  • Wipes (they're hypo-allergenic and can be used "all over". In case you stayed with someone who doesn't have running water?).
  • Call/don't call leave behind notecards ("in case he doesn't remember your name or number").
  • And a breast cancer awareness bracelet that I'm pretty sure doesn't support breast cancer awareness in any way (a portion of the proceeds go to "a breast cancer foundation". Which one?!?).

I get what they're getting at with this kit, I do. But, honestly, most of the things listed are things that we ladies carry around in our purses all of the time. Why not include useful things like oh, I don't know, CONDOMS?

I guess the thing that gets to me the most about this is that there isn't a similar product for men. In theory, I suppose, dudes don't need as many things when they wake up the next morning because their shoes are generally comfortable, they probably weren't wearing a miniskirt, and they may or may not have worn sunglasses IN the club the night before.

While this may be a great gag gift to give your girlfriend after a bad breakup, I don't know that many women will be picking it up for their own use.