Each year, students and alumni wait for the top party schools list to be released, hoping that they will have something to celebrate.

The best party schools list was recently released by Fiesta Frog, revealing the 100 schools in the United States that party the most.

The University of Michigan, Michigan State, and Central Michigan make this list, which seems a little more real than the list put out by The Princeton Review.

The Fiesta Frog team ranks the schools according to user votes throughout the year, school visits, student and alumni interviews, student surveys, as well as statistics about the schools and college towns. The list is often praised, but sometimes criticized by people whose school did not make the list and alumni who do not want their alma mater on the list.

I happen to be proud of my alma mater, Central Michigan's, current ranking of 69th. It shows we've calmed down since our top five finish in Playboy magazine's rankings in 1980, but haven't given up on partying altogether, so mad props to my Chippewas.

The University of Michigan scores a top 20 finish, mainly because of the lax marijuana laws in Ann Arbor, while Michigan State finishes a strong 47th.

Here's the complete list:

100. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
99. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
98. SUNY College at Plattsburgh
97. Eastern Kentucky University
96. University of South Dakota
95. Kenyon College
94. Bucknell University
93. Juniata College
92. Minnesota State University, Mankato
91. Appalachian State University
90. Gustavus Adolphus College
89. Villanova University
88. Monmouth University
87. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
86. Humboldt State University
85. Western Kentucky University
84. Oklahoma State University, Main Campus
83. University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
82. University of Scranton
81. Coastal Carolina University
80. Clemson University
79. West Chester University of Pennsylvania
78. University of South Carolina, Columbia
77. Elon University
76. Fitchburg State College
75. University of Idaho
74. Radford University
73. Vanderbilt University
72. Alabama A & M University
71. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
70. University of California, Santa Cruz
69. Central Michigan University
68. SUNY College at Oswego
67. Trinity College
66. University of Maine
65. Auburn University
64. Texas Tech University
63. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
62. Southern Methodist University
61. Ball State University
60. University of Mississippi Main Campus
59. College of Charleston
58. Texas State University, San Marcos
57. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
56. University of New Hampshire
55. University of Kansas
54. Fort Hays State University
53 Cornell University
52. James Madison University
51. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
50. Longwood University
49. East Carolina University
48. Western Illinois University
47. Michigan State University
46. Rutgers University
45. University of Connecticut
44. New York University
43. University of Buffalo
42. University of Dayton
41. Quinnipiac University
40. Colgate University
39. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
38. University of Rhode Island
37. Mississippi State University
36. Georgia Southern University
35. University of Vermont
34. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
33. University of Missouri
32. Washington State University
31. Rollins College
30. University of Virginia, Main Campus
29. San Diego State University
28. University of Georgia
27. University of Southern California
26. University of Maryland
25. University of Delaware
24. Ohio State University
23. University of Albany
22.University of Arizona
21. Tulane University of Louisiana
20. Ohio University
19. University of Tennessee
18. University of Alabama
17 University of Michigan
16. California State University, Chico
15. Indiana University, Bloomington
14. DePauw University
13. University of Texas at Austin
12. University of Florida
11. Penn State University
10. University of Wisconsin, Madison
9. University of Colorado at Boulder
8. University of Miami, Florida
7. Louisiana State University
6. University of Iowa
5. Florida State University
4. Syracuse University
3. Arizona State University
2. West Virginia University
1. University of California, Santa Barbara