20 of the best acts in town have been narrowed down to the top 6 bands.  These 6 bad ass local bands will compete for a chance to take home the Rocktagon Throwdown grand prize this Friday night at The Orbit Room!

The winning band earns an opening slot for a national artist at The Orbit Room later this year (to be determined by WGRD and The Orbit Room) and a $500 gift card to Guitar Center, on 28th Street in Kentwood !

Tickets are $5 for those 21 and up and $8 for 16 and up. See the full schedule for the finals below.

Friday, April 5th

7:00PM – Red Legs
7:40PM – Devin & the Dead Frets
8:20PM – Pass of Aggression
9:00PM – Silent Lapse
9:40PM – Uncommon Road
10:20PM - 6 Prong Paw

Red Legs - 7 PM


Alex Haskins - Guitar
Logan Bailey - Vocals
Tim O'Connor - Drums
Trevor Yake - Bass

Devin and the Dead Frets - 7:40 PM


Devin Weber, Jordan Kerbyson, Zach Nelson, and Eric Batenburg.

Pass Of Aggression - 8:20PM


John Lee - Vocals/Keyboard
R.O.B. - Guitarist
"Sir" Matthew - Guitarist/DJ
Marc Courtright - Drums/Samples
Ian Sniesak AKA "Tweak" - Bass/Vocals

Silent Lapse - 9:00 PM


Mitchell Feldpausch - Guitar
Taylor Feldpausch - Drums
Scott Martin - Vocals/Keys
Matt Schrauben - Bass
Wyatt Aldrich - Guitar

Uncommon Road - 9:40 PM


Kala, Sean, Andrew, Nate, Cash

6 Prong Paw - 10:20PM

Nick Williams - Vocals and sometimes guitar
Josh Moore - Drums
Chad Rabideau - Bass and 2nd Vocals
Jake Scott - Guitar
Dustin Cook - Guitar