Local music is a lot of fun! You should just go out and check out local music. The Grand Rapids Music Scene has plenty to offer from metal, rock, punk, rap, etc. You name it, Grand Rapids has a band for it. For over 20 years, this band has kept music alive on stages all around the city, and they bring their very unique show with them. Ever heard of the Potato Babies?

Led by the man, the myth, the legend Rev. Charles Preston Smith (we'll get to the Rev. part in a sec). The Potato Babies has been one of Grand Rapids' local music staples for over 20 years. When you think of local music, chances are is your first thought is...

"Woo hoo, a local band that plays music that I have never heard before."

Well, the Potato Babies is essentially the same thing, but the show is so damn crazy and the music is so involving that you forget that Local Music Stereotype and you just have fun with Rev. Charles and the band. If you have seen this band it action, but if you haven't, here is a few words that describe the experience.

Rock, potential nudity, beer, toilet paper, beach balls, cake, hula hoops, condoms, free prizes from Rev. collection of oddities (I still have a Big Boy statue), a program of events, PBR, and the list could go on.

Many bands "tone down" when they have to play certain venues, the Potato Babies do not. Expect every one of those things listed above if you see them! *Exception of the Nudity and Condoms at GR Festival of the Arts...kids ya know*


Join them on Facebook and visit Dodd's Record Shop too!

Now to that Rev. part I mentioned earlier. If you are looking at getting married, Rev. Charles Preston Smith is available for weddings! That's right, you can have this man officiate your wedding and seal your deal! Guess what? That's what I did! He'll make your wedding pretty awesome. He only charged me $50 and a photo with us.