Have you ever wanted to stick hooks into your body and be swung around like a dangling piece of meat? No? Why not?

If you've never seen this before, it could make you cringe easily if you have a soft stomach. However, if you look at it and think, "That is awesome." Then body suspension may be just for you!

I have seen this being done quite a few times at different events and specifically Carnival of Chaos. Would I ever do it? Most likely not, but it does look cool and does interest me quite a bit. Where did this art of Body Suspension come from?

Straight from Wikipedia: Historically, suspension rituals were performed by the Mandan tribe, located along the banks of the Missouri River. The Oh-Kee-Pa type of suspension was derived from this ritual. Modern day suspensions are closely related to the artwork of performance artists that use their own bodies as canvases. Fakir Musafar is an artist who specializes in suspension and piercing performance pieces, and also started the Modern Primitivism movement. He helped to bring attention to the suspension 'scene' in the United States.The noted performance artist and researcher Stelarc performed many daring suspensions in the 70's and 80's, including hanging himself between skyscrapers. Allen Falkner helped to bring suspensions to people who weren't spiritual, as well as a plethora of different and unique suspension types.

This past weekend at Carnival of Chaos, some guys performed the Body Suspension. Check it out!