Well, it was inevitable.  We've all been waiting for the call or text for the last 2 weeks or so.  Last night at 11:27PM, I got the following text.

I couldn't sleep after reading this.  I was excited and nervous at the same time for them.  We started the show at 5AM without Free Beer which, in the few times that has happened, has always been extremely strange.  It was this morning, but for a whole different reason.

About halfway through the show, Free Beer called to give us the news that little Henry Richard was born at about 6:30 this morning weighing in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 inches long.  Free Beer didn't pass out during the delivery and he said that Amanda did great.  Both mom and baby are doing well.

Welcome to the family, little guy.  He looks pretty damn perfect.

Free Beer will obviously be out for the next few days, but I know how much he appreciates all of the "congrats" comments on Facebook and via email, so keep them coming!  You can reach him directly at freebeer@freebeerandhotwings.com.  Talk to you tomorrow.