Yesterday at Celebration! Cinema, I was able to catch a showing of the new "Expendables" movie. I have seen the other three in theaters and they were basically action movies with body limbs flying everywhere.

What, "Expendables 3" the same way?

The action was there, but it was missing one thing that I didn't notice until I got my movie ticket.

It's rated PG-13

I double-checked my movie stub and was like, "Wait, what?"

Most of the time, I am all about movies not being 100 percent gory and body parts flying everywhere.

With this movie, I was kind of hoping for it! I went into the theater wondering what I just bought a ticket to. Was this an "Expendables" movie?!

I won't go into a lot of detail, but it was a movie that was a lot of fun. I started to forget about the whole PG-13 rating and really just sat back and enjoyed it! After a minute, I started to realize that this was a childhood dream movie that I had been waiting for since I saw "Rocky" and "Terminator." Stallone and Schwarzenegger in the same movie, three times in a row? That's awesome!

There was a part in the movie where Schwarzenegger see's all of his comrades and says a line that he is pretty well known for. I actually threw my arms up and said: "YES!"

By the way, Antonio Banderas is funny in this movie. Sorry to say, Antonio, you are looking old, dude.

If you are looking for a high flying action movie with just ridiculous amounts of gunfire and testosterone. This is most likely your movie to see! I enjoyed it, and I love blood and gore!