Devils Wears Prada has been making its mark with its new album "8:18."

The band’s frontman, Mike Hranica, discussed Devils Wear Prada during its New York stop.

Hranica shared his love for the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins and even mentioned a tattoo he wanted done while he was in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I’m trying to get a penguin looking to the side wearing a tuxedo within a frame. I love the Pittsburgh Penguins because I’m a big hockey nut," he said. "I wanted to get a penguin tattoo so why not get a bowtie penguin?”

His admiration for the Penguins is the inspiration behind some the gifts he’s looking to get this holiday.

“There are a few things, my parents and sister have been bugging me. I’m trying to get more Pittsburgh Penguins gear," Hranica said. "I only have three jerseys right now and I need more.”

Hranica continues with a couple of somewhat simple kitchen gadgets.

“I’d like a blender because I’m all about these kale smoothies. They make me feel real good and healthy inside. Then I want a spatula, the coolest spatula, so my mom’s going to get me that," he said.