Looks like The Darkness are back!  The Darkness have always been a fun band that has never taken themselves too seriously as witnessed by any live performance or vid for that matter. Band has always been full of glitz and glam and lots of overdone showmanship and with all the Foxy Shazam recent buzz - why the hell not.

So far, 2012 has been a stellar year for THE DARKNESS, described by the LA Weekly as “…heroically reunited, with a returned sense of fun and still this millennium’s most multi-dimensionally entertaining live rock show.” Elsewhere, Yahoo! News noted, “…on the HOB stage, it still came down to the band's undeniably impeccable pop songwriting on virally infectious glam numbers like ‘Growing On Me,’ ‘Friday Night,’ ‘Is It Just Me,’ and of course ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

The DARKNESS headline a bunch of European  shows and Festivals in 2012 and then in true darkness style - open up for Lady Gaga....um...ok...you "go" Darkness