What do you when you hear the name The Cocksman Club?

Is it a super-secret club for dudes who enjoy the company of dudes? Is it a secret society for the discussion of roosters?


It's a subscription service for condoms.

Yup. Subscription condoms.

The company even has a clever slogan: "Legends Aren't Born, They're Laid; Safely."

The Cocksman Club is, basically, Birchbox for dicks.

For just $5 you, too, can receive an envelope filled with 3 condoms monthly.

You can choose from Trojan, Durex and Lifestyles condoms, which are, basically, the same condoms you can get for free at the health center on any college campus in the United States.

And it's not even a new idea. Dollar Rubber Club has been around for a couple of years.

It's the Cocksman Club's quirkiness that really sells you on it, though.

Check out this video describing the service:

The star of the video is the founder of Cocksman Club (who, according to Business Insider, hopes to grow the company to a lifestyle brand similar to Playboy) any better over the phone. He told Betabeat:

So we mustered up a group of trend-setting influencers on campuses in major cities, and we're getting them to post [about the Cocksman Club] at the same time." These influencers, Mr. Basch said, are a "mix between athletes, fraternity guys, student government guys, [and] surf team guys in the West Coast."

Surfers, frat guys, the student body president... you know, just your average cocksmen. The kind of guys who are apparently too afraid to go to the drugstore to pick up their prophylactics or, you know, order them on Amazon.

Anything that encourages safer sex is all good in my book.