With what some may call overexposure of MMA in recent memory with FOX, FX, Fuel TV and Spike all in on the trend, some of the fighters have to go that extra mile to set themselves apart from the pack to become a star. What better time to do that than the long walk from backstage at the event to the octagon to fistfight? For that matter, why not your walkout to the standard weigh-in?

Tom Lawlor made his way to the UFC in 2009 by way of, what else, The Ultimate Fighter program. For all intents and purposes, his career in the premier mixed martial arts promotion has been middling to say the least.

That doesn't stop him from being a fan favorite, though. And if there is one way to catch our attention here at WGRD, it is with an extravagant walk out and drawing attention to yourself.

We already talked about getting attention in MMA in a previous post and it appears Lawlor has been a proponent of this for years, albeit a bit more dramatically.

He may be only 4-3 in his short time in the UFC, but the middleweight sure knows how to captivate a crowd with pop culture references and extreme over-acting. Evidently, if you don't have a realistic chance at ever making a serious dent in the MMA world, you can easily keep your career on national television by extravagance.

While this video has some of his best entrances and walkouts, Lawlor promised his most ridiculous walkout in his history at his most recent bout on Fuel TV.

As described in the description of the video, who else could possibly provide references to Olivia Newton John of Grease fame, Apollo Creed from the Rocky films and MMA legend Dan Servern? We can only hope Tom Lawlor will stick around for a while to keep us entertained, at least outside the octagon.

Any walkout of a certain fighter your favorite? What is your favorite of Lawlor's references? Let us know in the comments below!