It's the Nation's birthday!  That means, BBQs, camping, fireworks, and family.  But in order to do all those fun things, you will need to drive somewhere first.  And that means hitting the road on one of the busiest travel days of the year.  So while you are out on the road, be sure to avoid road rage.  You won't want to look as dumb as these people.  Enjoy the 4th of July and avoid getting in to any unnecessary altercations.

*Note: These videos have violence and swearing, so they are NSFW.

5. Knockout punch

First rule of road rage is, be sure you are raging at someone you can beat in a fight.  Second rule of road rage is, be sure you are on the right side of the law.  This road rager doesn't follow either rule.

4. old timey boxing match

In Soviet Russia car drives you, into a fit of rage.  We are not exactly sure what prompts this altercation, but it sure is fun to watch it's result.

3. Hood surfing

Bikers seem to be a magnet for road rage, and that is plenty obvious in this video.  The top rated comment on this video is "I'd kill her. In Russia it's normal to kill stupid hysterical woman and bury her into the ground"... Makes you never want to go to Russia.

2. angry woman is angry

Why so angry, angry woman?  No need to throw bottles, smack people, and yell uncontrollably.  Or is there?  No, no there really isn't any need.  Don't be this woman, I bet she doesn't even like being herself.

1. He brought a bat to a hatchet fight

WTH!?  A hatchet?  Who drives around with a friggin hatchet!?  Russians, that's who.  Luckily this example of road rage is settled via a stand off.  If more people here in the US carried around bats and hatchets, injuries because of road rage will surely go down.