Time for another Metalhead Ned interview here at WGRD! When I heard that Thrash Metal legends Testament were coming to town (tomorrow in fact), I knew what I had to do...I had to somehow grab an interview with the beast known as Chuck Billy of Testament.

The new album "Dark Roots of Earth," how is it going and how are you enjoying it?

"It's going really really good. It has gone far beyond out expectations, and it got to what we hoped it would do. We worked really hard on this record, it was really a record we wrote from the heart and got it out there. The response has been really overwhelming! So far it has been kick ass."

Is there any talks about writing new stuff or anything like that, new album?

"I don't think a new album but we have talked because we kinda want to see what the record industry is going. We have some material left from the record so we thought when the record was done, it would be great to put out an EP a little bit after the record. Maybe not necessarily put it out as an album, but put it on the internet. I think that is where it is trending. There is hardly any record stores anymore, and the internet seems to be the place for everything. So we are thinking to maybe take a step in that direction. Even on this trip, I think we are planning to shoot a new DVD and a new CD of a live thing."

Your vocal style has changed over the years from a Thrashy High Pitch Vocal Style, to a more modern Death Vocal Style, and sometimes both. Any reason for the change?

"It was the guitar tuning. When we first started I was younger, we tuned the guitars a lot higher. I think over the years, with my voice maturing and growing up I guess (laughs), I think at one point we decided that the guitars should be tuned lower to my voice, and by doing that it actually gave me a better range and a little more variety in what I do as the vocalist of that band."

You recently revealed a dream of yours and that was to share the stage with Metallica, have you ever talked to James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich about doing that?

"Oh all of the time! When I see James (Hetfield) as shows or at ball games, anywhere I see him. I ask him, "James, when is Testament gonna come on out with Metallica?" I never really get a straight answer. I think that Metallica is one of those bands that all of us guys in Testament looked up to for a long time and kinda made us who we are. They were that band that, I think every band around that time wanted to have that attitude. What they stood for was to kick ass! That is what we wanted!"

Testament will be at THE INTERSECTION on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 21st! Click here for ticket info!

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