We all have someone we would love to get revenge on or at least wish you had the balls to do it! Well, this guy doesn't have just one specific person to exact revenge on and boy does he seem to have some big cojones, even if that means he' got a screw or two loose in the ol' noggin.

Scott Stone is currently facing two counts of criminal mischief over $1,000 after he went around throwing acid on multiple luxury cars.

Stone caused $3,200 in damage when he threw acid on two luxury vehicles, caused about $2,000 in damage when he put rust remover all over a 2017 Porsche Macan, and put chemicals on a Mercedes causing $1,200 in damages.

Why did he do this, you ask? 

Well, 38-year-old Stone just still has not gotten over being bullied in college. 

This grown man is still so irked over things people did in college he is going around damaging cars that remind him of the people who were mean to him... 

He's not even getting his revenge on the people who did anything to him! 

Totally normal, right? 

Source: WFLA 8