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Thailand’s Got Talent WTF? [VIDEO]
A transgendered performer on 'Thailand's Got Talent,' has pulled the old switcheroo by singing the first part of her performance in a feminine voice, and then finishing it in her original masculine voice.
The unorthodox move delighted the audience and the judges, one of whom declared that he was &qu…
Harry Potter Pole Dance! [VIDEO]
This is a pretty cool video, lots of great special effects. Looking at this from a artist point of view this is brilliant. Oh yes the sexy dancer is pretty good also. Full description Below
Man Has Revenge on Snow Shovel Thief [VIDEO]
In snowy Chicago, David Wells had his snow shovel stolen from the front of his house. The thief was a woman who used the shovel to clear a space for her car, and then didn’t return it.
So, to get revenge, Wells used a gas-powered snow blower to bury the woman’s car in snow. Ultimately, it took her…