FBHW On WZZM 13 – Mustaches For Everyone!
During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo's, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.…
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Hurricane Sandy [VIDEO]
Serious discussion about Hurricane Sandy turns into a "lets pile on Derek" segment. Poor Derek simply minding his own business gets a few unwarranted accusations tossed his way, check it out now!
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Debate Throwdown [VIDEO]
The debate between Obama and Romney gotta little heated last night. Watch the guys commentary on how debate rules were set but NOBODY followed them. Everything is going along professionally that is....until Zane makes a fat joke and then any serious discussion is tossed out...
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Stupid Fugitives
The escape of 2 inmates from a Lake County detention facility is truly baffling considering both were soon due for parole and would've been free in society within months. They even take along an underage companion. Watch as the guys weigh in on this odd situation.
FBHW ON WZZM 13 – Bullied Teen Turns Prank Around [VIDEO]
Ignorant Teens prank an unpopular girl by voting her onto the homecoming court and it backfires on them as the small town comes to the rescue with donations for dress, makeovers etc...Watch as the guys solution ends up being to bully the bullies...
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Big Bonuses [VIDEO]
A Car Dealer in Ann Arbor sold his dealership and not only made sure the current employees stayed on and kept their jobs but gave out bonuses for each year the employee had worked there including one mechanic who had been there for 28 years - he got 28k.
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Snooki Baby
Not sure many people care but the world just got another guido according to Snooki's fiance'. Snooki, for those who didn't know (like me) is a cast member of the show Jersey Show.
Not sure WHY this is news but it seems to be a popular topic.  So watch as the guys cover this rivet…
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Chick Stuck In Wilderness
Like the movie 127 hours a Colorado College student falls 8 foot into a trench while hiking and is trapped and left alone for hours after her boyfriend has to go for help.
Watch the vid and you'll wince when you see the very grotesque view of her twisted ankle...

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