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School Board Bans Google – What Hot Wings Thinks [AUDIO]
School boards all across the country are banning websites with inappropriate content.  In theory this seems like a great idea, protecting impressionable minds from violence, pornography, other adult content.  Once in practice the software that is used to protect students, turns o…
Charlie Sheen – What Hot Wings Thinks [AUDIO]
Charlie Sheen signed a deal with Lionsgate to star in a new sitcom that is based of an adaptation of the movie 'Anger Management'.  The show is promised 10 episodes with an option for an additional 90 episodes if the show reaches a specified level in the ratings.
Charlie has admittedly been a loose c…
Casey Anthony In Trouble? – What Hot Wings Thinks [AUDIO]
Casey Anthony is back in the news again with the headline "Is Casey Anthony in danger after here release Sunday"...  Well no S___ Sherlock!  The woman has become known as 'that woman that killed her kid and got away with it'.  Hot Wings addresses this sentiment and further pushes home the …
Take Off Your Burka – What Hot Wings Thinks [AUDIO]
A recently passed Australian law is requiring Muslim women to show their faces to police.  The law is being hailed as discriminatory and anti-Muslim.  The law doesn't require women to be burka-less, it just requires women to remove the burka if asked by police.  This is so l…
NBC – What Hot Wings Thinks [AUDIO]
On Sunday, NBC removed the words "under God" from a reading of the Pledge of Allegiance at the opening of the U.S. Open Golf Championship.
Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard writes the network omitted the phrase "twice during the show's introduction."

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