Steve’s Holiday Break-in In Grand Rapids
For the 12th consecutive year, we've tried to do our part to help out families in need this holiday season.
"The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" and WGRD ask for nominations from people who know someone that could use a little help around the holidays.
Wayland Rocks The Intersection (Gallery)
Hometown boys Wayland came to town a couple weeks ago and brought it to The Intersection!
If you were there, you saw some awesome stuff go down. If you weren't, well, here is a gallery of pics from the show!
WGRD 2013 Pond Hockey Classic [Photos]
The 2nd annual WGRD Pond Hockey Classic took place over the weekend at Reeds Lake.  Tons of teams and tons of fans came out for the weekend to drink beers, play hockey, drink beers, watch hockey, and drink beers.  After the jump check out a gallery of photos from the event.
Jackie’s Gaming Addiction Take 2!
I am already addicted to Lord of the Rings Online, so I really don't need another game to occupy my time. Well a fellow coworker is all about League of Legends and so I was like, oh what the hell, and down loaded it.
I am an ADDICT! No joke I play all the time, I even brought my laptop to work…
WGRD AlternaChicks Get Ready for Motley Crue!
I love 80's rock, which means I am super pumped that Motley Crue is going to be taking the stage at Van Andel Arena next Wednesday, August 3rd! I decided in honor of the rock gods I would do a bit of rocking myself... So I got with one of my AlternaChick, gal pals and organized a rock themed ph…
GRD Presents the Rock Star Treatment
97.9 GRD and Rock The Rapids present the Ultimate Rock Star Treatment! One lucky fan will score the V.I.P. jackpot during Rock the Rapids, August 8-13 in downtown Grand Rapids!
WGRD’s Jackie Has Some Car Trouble
I can easily say that I am one of the worst drivers I know. Not because I am actually bad on the road but because of all the other little stuff you have to do, you know like fill up your gas tank, change your oil, NOT lock your keys in your car... those are just a few. Well today was one of the da…
Grand Rapids Gets Ready for Wake Wars 2011!
I never pass up the opportunity to chat with cute boys, and with Wake Wars getting set up down stairs in the BOB parking lot, I had to go see what was going on! If you haven't heard, we are bringing you Wake Wars 2011, July 16-17, on the parking lot of The B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids! We've got…
WGRD’s Jackie Models in Charity Runway Show
This past Thursday I got the pleasure of modeling make up in the "Red Alert" runway show. Red Alert is a charity that is raising money to help promote awareness for AIDS and HIV sufferers as well as families of HIV and AIDS victims. For more information on the event, and how you can dona…

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