See How 97.9 WGRD’s Crew Gets Rated by PicTriev [Photos]
On Tuesday, "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" shared a website called PicTriev that rates your face.
Upload a picture of yourself, and the website estimates how old you look, how masculine and feminine you appear and which celebrities you resemble.
See how the guys fro…
Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday: Interviewing Mastodon [Video]
Another throwback Thursday! It's hard to believe that this interview is over 2 years old! Mastodon, Opeth, and Ghost were rocking at The Intersection in 2012 to a sold out crowd, and I was given the chance to interview Brann Dailor.
From what I was told, I had to wear the Mastodon mask during th…
Richmond Park is Prepping Itself for Pond Hockey 2015
It's been frickin' freezing out for the past couple of days hasn't it? I stood outside for maybe about 10 minutes and my earlobes were on fire from being cold! While for everyday life it sucks, but for Pond Hockey 2015, we couldn't ask for better weather.
Metalhead Ned’s First Hockey Experience [Video]
I was never really into sports as a young kid. I enjoyed going outside, sledding on hills, throwing snowballs, etc. Even my immediate family are not really sports people, so I didn't grow up with it.
What I did grow up with, was video games, and Nintendo had the BEST sports game on the original …
Hockey Memories: Taking a Puck to the Head!
One of my most interesting memories of hockey was when I was at a hockey game a really long time. It was a Grand Rapids Griffins game to be exact, one of my first ones. I love going to the Griffins games, they are always a lot of fun. However, I always wondered if a hockey puck would leave the ice s…

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