the last vegas

Rocktagon- The Last Vegas VS 12 Stones
I thought Adelitas Way had a chance but I was dead wrong! The Last Vegas won with over 450 of the votes! Tonight our champion will take on 12 Stones. 12 Stones are pretty awesome, lead singer Paul McCoy was previously featured in Evanescence hit song, "Bring me to Life" which …
Rocktagon- The Last Vegas VS Adelitas Way
Grand Rapids rock guys, The Last Vegas won again last night! Tonight they will be rocking out with the newest from Adelitas Way! If you recall Adelitas Way made their way into our studios not too long ago when they were in town for Rock The Rapids...
Rocktagon- The Last Vegas VS Trapt
Taproot had been on quite the winning streak till we brought in The Last Vegas! They whomped on Taproot! Did I mention the word is two of the guys in The Last Vegas got there start out here in Grand Rapids? Tonight they will be taking on the new single from Trapt...
Rocktagon- Taproot VS The Last Vegas
Taproot is still on a winning streak here in the rocktagon! Tonight they will be facing the new single from The Last Vegas! Check out the songs below and vote! Tune in around 8PM when the rocktagon begins LIVE on GRD.
Taproot: The Everlasting
The Last Vegas: Evil Eyes