Metal Being Blamed for Another Suicide – People Are Dumb
A guy hanged himself in the woods recently, and guess who's fault it is?
Slipknot's, apparently!
Why can't the media stop tying every suicide or murder to heavy music?  If he'd had Justin Bieber playing n his iPod, no one would have said a word about what he had been listening…
Wu-Tang Rapper Who Cut Off His Own Penis is…Well, Nuts
A couple of months ago, I shared a funny story with you about a crazy rapper who cut off his own penis and jumped off a building.  He's affiliated with Wu-Tang, whatever the hell that he IN Wu-Tang, or just some dude who tags along with them when they go on beer runs?
Anyway, he's been exp…
Bungie Jump Suicide Rips Guys Head Off! Bar Stool:
Man, talk about a not fun way to kill yourself! Another crazy story that popped up while drinking beers the other night. It’s about a 22 year old Nevada guy named Jeremy Butcher that decided that life licked balls and decided to off himself...