steve the web guy

Jackie Wins Rock Trivia
Last week on Wednesday during The Shaffee Show, Steve The Web Guy and myself had a little game of Trivia! ROCK TRIVIA! Steve and myself are not exactly trivia savvy... I was VERY worried this was going to not work out in my favor but alas... I won! Here is the clip from that day, you can play alon…
Steve Win’s The ‘Mr. Web Guy Pageant’
After all the craziness over Miss Utah USA's awful on stage answer during the Miss USA pageant this past sunday, I have gotten some slack over my pageant-ness. So last night Steve The Web Guy and myself made up our own pageant... the first ever, "Mr. Web Guy Pageant!"
Jackie Makes Web Guy Steve New Promo
Every night I have Steve the Web Guy on my show, and yesterday I was driving in and I heard Shaffee play a promo, like introduction for Steve... and it made him sound way cool... like a professional athlete, or wrestler or something. So I decided to make my own promo for Steve to play during my sho…