Sochi Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics: Russia and U.S. Finish Atop Medal Haul at Sochi
The Sochi Winter Olympics came to a close on Sunday, with host Russia finished just ahead of the United States in the medal standings othe U.S. men's hockey team finishing off the podium with a disappointing 5-0 loss to Finland in the bronze medal game.
Here's a recap of the final weekend o…
Winter Olympics: Securing the Sochi Games [Video]
By Joe Ruley | BSU at the Games
Russia has created one of the world’s largest security forces for the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Doug Fry is in Sochi, Russia, to cheer on his daughter, Lyndsey Fry, a forward on the U.S. women's hockey team. The Chandler, Ariz., resident doesn't mind the security at Shayba…
Winter Olympics: Why Do Olympians ‘Bite Down on Their Booty?’
By Meagan Hook | BSU at the Games
Chomping into the gold. Salivating over the silver. Biting a piece of the bronze.
One sees it with regularity during the medal ceremonies on Krasnodar-Teatralnaya Square at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.
What started this trend? Is it made of something delicious …

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