The Top 10 Porn Stars from the State of Michigan
Why, yes. Yes, there are. Some of them you've even heard of, which is always good. No one wants to be in a conversation with people and they make fun of you because your state hasn't produced any good porn stars. Jeesh, what kind of loser would that make you?
Working Out Sucks – Unless You’re Using BangFit [Video]
PornHub is not only the purveyor of amazing internet one-handed typing material, but is also responsible for people sitting (or lying) still more often, only exercising one hand. But since they're givers, they've created a new workout system, to help you lose pounds while,…
Cleveland Sports Fans are Really Horny and Unafraid
Back during the NFL season, we had some great stories about fans getting jiggy with it during football games. Handies, urine dunks, and fights, oh my! But the fun doesn't stop there! This weekend, at a Cleveland Indians game, a couple was getting full-on at Progressive Field. I'm not sure …

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