YouTube Gold: System of a Down in Grand Rapids 1999 [Video]
If you dig deep enough, you will find gold in them thar hills! A few nights ago I typed in Grand Rapids into the YouTube search bar and found concert footage from all types of concerts in the past years. Then I stumbled upon one that shows how small they once were, and that was System of a Down.
Metalhead Ned Reminisces How He Got Into Rock Music
We all have to start somewhere don't we? How did you end up enjoying your hobby, what was your first taste of you favorite food, how did this band become your favorite, etc. Before I was into rock/metal, I was really lost in what my favorite music was. Mind you, rock isn't the only genre I…
Islander Rocked Grand Rapids on Saturday Night with Pop Evil
Saturday night, Grand Rapids' own, Pop Evil returned home for a big show at The Intersection, with Islander, Letters from the Fire, Red Sun Rising, and Grand Rapids' own, Hurry Home!  All the bands kicked ass, getting the crowd rowdier and crazier as the night went on.
Before the show even began, Isl…
Eric Zane Welcomes The Intersection Crowd to Wayland! [Video]
What an amazing night this past Saturday at The Intersection! Wayland ROCKED the place and the crowd was well over 1,300 people! It was amazing!
How do you welcome these guys home? Having Eric Zane from the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show welcome the crowd!

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