Jim Harbaugh Appears in Rap Video Hyping U-M Football
College football season is a little over a month away yet, but Jim Harbaugh would like you start getting amped up now.
The University of Michigan coach appears alongside rapper Bailey in the new music video "Who's Got it Better Than Us?"
ICP, Mushroomhead, and More Coming to The Orbit Room on Sept. 25!
When I first saw this show announced, I thought..."Well, that's interesting." Then I kinda sat back and figured that this is going to be one hell of a show. I am not an ICP at all, but I sure do love Mushroomhead. Bring the Rap and bring the Metal, cause ICP and Mushroomhead a…
Rapper Shoots His Bandmate Over Dumb-Ass Argument
One look at douchebags like this, and you'll never have any interest in rap, or rappers...and you'll know why people who like rock are ALWAYS better.
Here's the story:
A rap group was filming their video in a store in the Bronx (of course), when a couple of the idiots got into an argume…

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