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Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday – Wok n’ Roll Buffet?
Driving through Muskegon one day quite a few years back, I came across this place. It was the first digital camera I ever owned so I was taking pictures of everything. Of all the years that I had that digital camera (eventually the zoom broke), this was one of the best pictures I ever took!
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of the Week – Reviving the Rock
I have been working at WGRD for a number of years now, and a long time ago, we had a WGRD Rock Trailer. This thing is pretty awesome! It has a TV, surround sound, mini-fridge, etc. It's just loaded with awesome! Recently I tried to 'Revive the Rock.'
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of The Week – Updating to The 21st Century
I have been wanting a new computer for quite some time. My wife and I don't really have computers that run the best. They also have Windows XP loaded, which dropped support a couple months ago meaning anyone can hack my account info. I have been wanting to dive into the world of Mac, and now, I…
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of the Week – WGRD Throwback
I went surfing through my normal stops for records a few days ago and went through a couple of the CD's. I could use this picture for a Throwback Thursday, but I felt as though it fit the Random Pic portion better.
Time to fly back a long time ago and look at some of the CD's that WGRD used…
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of the Week – One Big Pickle
I went to a video rental store for the first time in a very long time a couple days ago, and it felt very nostalgic. Nothing beats that old smell of a rental store for some reason, don't ask me why. When I was searching for a movie to watch, I stumbled upon the snack section, and saw this fine …
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of the Week – Vol. 7
I used to play music a lot before I really started to focus on promoting. I will say though, that music performance is still a huge part of me. Since then, I haven't really had the time to play guitar, or at least dedicate my time to it. I remember even getting my first gutiar, a black Silverto…
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of The Week- Vol. 4
Had to go pick up some tickets to give away here at WGRD (stay tuned for those soon) and I stumbled past a reminder at the Van Andel Arena of an awesome show that I saw! This was the second time that I saw this band, and I remember being really excited to see them a second time in one year!
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of The Week-Vol. 1
Living an everyday life, I tend to see really weird, interesting, and even sometimes...just plain normal stuff. Here is where I am going to share a pic of something cool...or sometime not, whatever sounds good for that day. Check out this pic here!