Random Pic of the week

Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of the Week – What Walk?
Another day and another random pic! This time I was at a local grocery store just walking around in the aisle's and I couldn't help but notice the name of this wine. I am not much of a wine drinker, and my mind may have been in the gutter for this one, but the label sure caught my eye.
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of the Week – Buying Cat Litter
I own two cats, so therefore I need to buy a lot of cat litter so they can crap in a certain spot in my apartment. Fortunately, my wife is usually the one that takes care of the cat litter (I do laundry). While shopping for cat litter, I saw this on the box.
I couldn't think of anything more EXT…
Metalhead Ned’s Random Pic of Week – Vol.3
I see lots of cool/weird stuff pretty much every week. Recently, we went back to the world of Pond Hockey at Reeds Lake because we still had all of the wood from this past years tournament on the ice. Before it became to warm, we had to get that stuff off before it sunk into the lake!