Resident Evil ‘Remake’ is Getting Remastered for Current Gen Consoles
Resident Evil is one of the best games of all time! The old game may be showing it's age, but we were given the rare opportunity of a full fledged remake of the game on Nintendo Gamecube. The game looked amazing and I consider it one of the best in the series, and was one of the reasons I bought a G…
RESIDENT EVIL 6 Announced For November 2012!
Holy freakin' crap! It has been a long time since I have been excited for the announcement of game! (Minus Gears of War 3 and Duke Nukem Forever) I am quite the big fan of the Resident Evil series, to the point where I pretty much enjoy every entry into the series. So when this BEAST OF A GAME …
Dead Island, Just Another Zombie Game?
Dead Island hit stores this past week for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and I will tell you. I had a lot of trouble finding this one, but when I finally got my hands on this $60 game, was it worth the cash I spent?
2K Announces Production of BORDERLANDS 2
Time to return to Pandora and level up your Siren or Soldier again. Gearbox software is cranking out Borderlands 2!
Borderlands 2 is being developed for PC, XBOX 360, and PS3.