Wyoming PD Gets the First WGRD Office Invasion Free Lunch
We have officially started the GRD Office Invasions! Today, I took pizza to Nicole and her whole crew in the Detectives Bureau at the Wyoming Police Department. Everyone there was super cool and friendly, and were happy to get a real meal, instead of PB&J and chips from home.
Two People Dead in Grand Rapids Murder-Suicide [VIDEO]
Grand Rapids Police are investigating a shooting early Sunday morning that left two people dead.
Wood TV 8 reports that police were called to a residence on Lake Drive near Robinson Road around 3a.m. after gun shots were heard.
Grand Rapids Police Cruiser Stolen Tuesday Night
While responding to an assault incident, a police cruiser from the Grand Rapids Police Department was stolen Tuesday night, 10/4.
WOOD-TV reports that police are now looking for the suspect. GRPD was on scene, around 9 p.m., at Benjamin Ave SE regarding a man who had been assaulted...

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