Pilot Draws Penis in the Air on Flight Tracking Software
FlightRadar24 is a popular site that gives users the ability to track flight paths of planes around the world.
A pilot flying above Florida Thursday night decided to entertain the aviation fans watching flight paths on the site with his dick-drawing abilities.
Female Runner Uses Her Running App to Draw Dicks
You have to love the creativity people show when getting a new app. The app might be intended for something completely innocent, like tracking your kids or maybe keeping track of your running accomplishments.
For example, the Nike+ app tracks your runs, so you can watch your progress as you run longe…
Wu-Tang Rapper Who Cut Off His Own Penis is…Well, Nuts
A couple of months ago, I shared a funny story with you about a crazy rapper who cut off his own penis and jumped off a building.  He's affiliated with Wu-Tang, whatever the hell that he IN Wu-Tang, or just some dude who tags along with them when they go on beer runs?
Anyway, he's been exp…

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