Orion Music and More

Kirk’s Crypt And Vans Vert Stage — Orion Music And More
Orion Music + More Festival is more than just the music (although a lot of it is all about the music.)  In addition to all of the bands playing, each of the members of Metallica brought a long a little bit of themselves along.  For example, Kirk is a HUGE horror movie fan and has one of the largest …
Metalhead Ned’s Post to Commemorate Orion Music Fest
Dave Kim, JT, and Steve The Web Guy are ALL at Orion Music and More Festival this weekend. This, as a Metalhead, is pretty disappointing. Not only do I have to work at my other job all weekend, but I am missing a Metallica lovers DREAM SHOW! So here is a post that might cheer up you metal heads that…
Metallica Announce Orion Music Festival to Take Place in New Jersey
Metallica have revealed the news that they were teasing over the weekend. The metal icons announced this afternoon that they are curating a music and lifestyle festival this summer in New Jersey. The diverse lineup includes Modest Mouse, Avenged Sevenfold, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant and more.