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Are Video Games Art? [Video]
Here is an age old question that has plagued humanity for years and years!
Ok, maybe it's not that intense, but it is a good question.
Are video games art?
Nostalgia Critic Rates His Top 11 Newest Halloween Classics [Video]
What makes a movie a classic? Every Holiday season, you have a movie that you must absolutely watch right? During Christmas time, you most likely watch 'A Christmas Story' at least 1,048 times. During Halloween though, what do you watch? Internet YouTuber the Nostalgia Critic lists out wha…
11 Things You May Have Never Noticed in ‘Ghostbusters’
Internet critic the Nostalgia Critic is at it again!
Sometimes looking at a movie inside out can be pretty fun! Have you ever looked on IMDB at the 'Goofs' section and point out flaws in your favorite movie? Sometimes they are right in front of you and you never noticed them! Even though th…
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Internet Reviewers
Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to look through magazines to find a review of a popular video game. Even better, people my age are posting up videos of them doing Retro Video Game reviews of games I grew up with, and they are hilarious...