Ever Wonder Why Super Mario Bros. 2 is so Different? [Video]
When I was a kid, Super Mario Bros. 2 was a very unique game and many people thought it was kind of crazy. As a kid though, I loved it.
I remember borrowing this game from one of my brothers elementary friends and playing it. Even though it wasn't the same at the original Mario Bros. game, it wa…
Man Reportedly Finds an SNES-CD Prototype Console [Video]
Finding pirate treasure is something that you will probably never be able to do...
Finding a prototype of the ill-fated collaboration of Sony's partnership with Nintendo to create a disc peripheral for the SNES dubbed as the Nintendo Playstation?
Now possible.
Nintendo World Championships to Return in 2016 [Video]
This years beginning of E3 was pretty awesome with the return of the legendary Nintendo World Championships.
It had been over 20 years since the original Nintendo World Championships, and Nintendo brought them back this year.
Thanks to it's success, it looks like they are gonna keep things going …
Nintendo Finally Announces ‘Star Fox Zero’ [Video]
Well, it took a really long time, but a new Star Fox game is finally on the horizon!
Officially announced today during Nintendo's Digital Event, Shigeru Miyamoto showed game play, video, cut scenes, and clarified where the game sits in the Star Fox storyline.
That's where the hint of disappo…
Nintendo World Championships 2015 Was Crazy Awesome! [Video]
After a 25 year hiatus, the Nintendo World Championships came back to this years Electronic Gaming Expo.
I really didn't think it would be that entertaining until I started to see some of these guys go after some of these Mario stages! I missed the majority of the actual finals, but thankfully i…
Tecmo Koei Bringing ‘Hyrule Warriors’ to Nintendo 3DS [Video]
Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo WiiU is so far one of my favorite games on the console that everyone seems to love to hate. It's a perfect blend of Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda. It doesn't help that I am a sucker for Zelda games.
Now you can bring the Hyrule war on the road as the g…

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