Call of Duty: Black Ops NEW MAP PACK!
The picture is from Australia, and Australia write Day/Month/Year but yes, it is true....Call of Duty: Black Ops is bringing on the the online glory with more Multiplayer Maps! Don't be
From "A sneak DLC attack from Black Ops has been thwarted by GAME’s Australi…
L.A. Noire-possibly “Game of the Year?”
If you haven't seen trailers for L.A. Noire, then what they heck are you doing! This is one game that should not be overlooked this year. This game is bridging the gap of what can be done in video games.
A small description of what the game is about here:
Sonic the Hedgehog: 20th Anniversary game Announced
The original "Blue Dude with 'tude" is on his way back to gaming consoles once again, hopefully in a good game this time.
Although Sonic the Hedgehog 4 failed miserably (I thought it was awesome), SEGA seems to never want to say goodbye to their proud mascot...
NedTube: Music as a Weapon V
I just saw the Music as a Weapon V tour in Saginaw, MI. How was it??? Well check it out! Also the food was good :) Click here to watch!
Gears of War 3 unleashes Epic and Limited Edition!
Cliffy B is gonna suprise you with some more goodies. Gears of War 3 is set to release on September 20 with a regular, Limited, and EPIC edition.
What are in these awesome editions???? Well.....they have yet to announce that...
Mortal Kombat banned in Australia
Too bad for the Crocadile Dundee, he won't be able to tear people in half this April!
The new Mortal Kombat gamed that is due out in April is deemed too violent, gory, and bloody for Australia. But don't worry, America, Europe, and Japan will be able to spear people with Scorpion because we…
Happy 25th Birthday to The Legend of Zelda
Well almost, this past monday is when the world was given the greatest game of all time....The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo.
So many games would not exist if it was not for Shigeru Miyamoto's masterpiece, such as pretty much any exploration/adventure game (Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Halo,…
NEW Jurassic Park game!!! Only for PC??? WTF!!!
So I love Jurassic Park, I always have since I was a kid. I remember telling my mother, "MOM I WANT TO SEE JURASSIC PARK AGAIN." 5 times later, I was hooked.
So you can imagine I was pretty excited to see a GOOD JURASSIC PARK game coming out soon from TellTale games...
Super Mario All-Stars LE being re-release
For those of you that don't want to spend over $100 bucks for the Super Mario Bros Limited Edition for Wii on eBay.....Nintendo decided to be nice to you.
Super Mario Bros Limited Edition for Wii, is being released again on March 20th for all you latecomers...
L.A. Noire-Why make movies anymore?
If you like running around in games killing, stealing, doing hookers, and grabbing headshots, this not really for you, but sort of.
L.A Noire is a huge step in the right direction for games. It takes place in 1940's Hollywood, and no, you are not a gangster...