Ned’s Awesome Gaming Birthday Gift of Vectrex
The years of searching have ended! Most of you will not know what this thing is, but for a classic gamer like me, this thing is awesome!
Do you know what Vector Graphics are? How about those awesome white lined games like Asteroids? Games that look like a grid?
Yes, I finally own a Vectrex!
Calling All Local Metal Bands! I WANT YOU ON WGRD!
Jackie is doing a damn good job wrangling the local bands, but as a METAL AFICIONADO, I want you to talk to me! If you are a local metal band looking for some exposure and love from a radio station, this is your time to shine here at WGRD.
Ned’s Top 5 Games of 2011
Every year, there has to be a time where I have to name the Top 5 Games. This year was MASSIVE when it came to gaming, so it was not an easy thing narrowing down the Top 5 Games of instead....I named the games that I have played, not what I think should be...
Game to try before you die: Adventure (Atari 2600)
What the hell is "Adventure?"
What: Adventure is the game the was pretty much the foundation to all adventure games today (obviously).  Available on Atari 2600, this game you play as a warrior (a square) leaving the castle to obtain a cup like object (Indiana Jones...
NedTube: Ned gives into the pain of paintball
Thanks to the cool guys of T.C. Paintball in Grandville, MI, during our Wingstock 2011 ticket stop. I got the bright idea that is may be fun to get shot by paintballs wearing only a protective mask for some crazy reason. Here is the painful result...
NedTube: Dimebag Darrells Final showplace…
Every time I come to Rock on the Range each year, I have to stop by Dimebag Darrells final showplace....the last place Dime stood. It doesn't get any easier knowing that he is gone from us, but every year, I need to pay my respects to the man...
NedTube: Rock on the Range DAY 1 KORN!
After seeing some amazing bands like Danzig, P.O.D, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, etc. I was most excited for one of my favorite bands, KORN! Here is them playing "Blind" and what its like to rock out to the awesomeness that is KORN...
NedTube: Road to Rock on the Range

Driving to Columbus, OH sucks. But it is totally worth it when you see bands like Disturbed, Korn, P.O.D, A Day to Remember, and man........its gonna be awesome. More Rock on the Range goodness all this weekend!

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