Preview Mushroomhead’s New Album Here! [Audio]
Mushroomhead is set to release its new album "The Righteous & The Butterfly" this coming May!
Not too to many days are left and fans are getting rabid for it. If you need a good sampling of the new album, you can check out samples of all the new songs right here!
Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday: Meeting Mushroomhead Again
Yes Metalhead Ned, we get love the band Mushroomhead! Hell yea I do! They very much have that KISS mentality to them, "More bang for the buck." While KISS is usually around $50 for a ticket, Mushroomhead is only about $15 for a ticket. One year they did a Meet & Gr…
Mushroomhead Celebrates 20 Years at The Intersection October 27th!
Man, do I love a good Mushroomhead show! I have seen them 10+ times, and each time gets better and better. It is really hard to believe that Mushroomhead has been on the scene for 20 years! They will be celebrating the 20 year existence with a huge tour, and one very big special suprise for all of t…
FREE Mushroomhead show in Jackson, MI June 21st!
Free? What is this great word know as free? Well, if you don't mind taking a hike down to Jackson, MI tonight, you can check out a free show! Meaning you don't need a ticket, or any kind of money to enjoy this show. Metal heads unite, Mushroomhead is comin' to Jackson!
Mushroomhead Brings The Metal to The Intersection!
Looking for a damn good show to go too? Also, do you enjoy the brutal sound of metal? Look no further than one of the most hardworking bands in 'Industrial Metal' today, named Mushroomhead! Better yet, they are making their yearly stop at The Intersection.
Slipknot and Mushroomhead Tour Together? Possible…
There has been a feud for years now on whether who was the first group to wear mask on stage, and the contest was between metal groups Slipknot and Mushroomhead Even though  both of them were not the first, that honor goes to GWAR. Even that is debatable! Both bands are freakin' awesome, b…
MUSHROOMHEAD Tonight at The Intersection!
If you love 'effin heavy metal and enjoy a damn good show to get your mosh pit blood moving, then you need to go and check out the show tonight down at The Intersection! Why? Well, MUSHROOMHEAD is in town!

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