5 Interestingly Crazy Music Videos
Ever watch a music video and just think to yourself...WTF??? There have been many music videos where I have thought the same thing! These video's that I have located on the great world of the internet are either video's that I say..."WTF?" or "Now that's int…
ICP, Mushroomhead, and More Coming to The Orbit Room on Sept. 25!
When I first saw this show announced, I thought..."Well, that's interesting." Then I kinda sat back and figured that this is going to be one hell of a show. I am not an ICP at all, but I sure do love Mushroomhead. Bring the Rap and bring the Metal, cause ICP and Mushroomhead a…
Mushroomhead, ‘QWERTY’ – Exclusive Song Premiere
The time has come for Mushroomhead to rock your world again! The band is preparing to drop their latest album 'The Righteous & The Butterfly' on May 13, and they're exclusively debuting the disc's lead single, 'QWERTY,' right here at Loudwire (listen above).
Preview Mushroomhead’s New Album Here! [Audio]
Mushroomhead is set to release its new album "The Righteous & The Butterfly" this coming May!
Not too to many days are left and fans are getting rabid for it. If you need a good sampling of the new album, you can check out samples of all the new songs right here!

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