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Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday: Interviewing Rob Zombie [Video]
Definitely one of the highlights of my life was being able to interview the man that introduced me to the world of heavy metal. I can't 100% credit him with that, but when I was younger, my brother bought Korn: Follow the Leader and Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe, I quickly fell in love with…
The 2015 WGRD Heavyweights Continues This Friday at The Stache
One day down, 3 more to go! Who will be crowned this years WGRD Heavyweight Champion?
This Friday at The Stache, come check out Day 2 of the WGRD Heavyweights, where local metal bands from West Michigan rock it on stage while you cast your vote of who you think deserves the crown.
I Can’t Seem to Find Crispy M&M’s Anywhere!
Surge came back, French Toast Crunch arrived on shelves...the one other thing that I was excited to see come back was Crispy M&M's! Those things were delicious back in the day!
So why is it that I can't find them!?
Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday: Interviewing Mastodon [Video]
Another throwback Thursday! It's hard to believe that this interview is over 2 years old! Mastodon, Opeth, and Ghost were rocking at The Intersection in 2012 to a sold out crowd, and I was given the chance to interview Brann Dailor.
From what I was told, I had to wear the Mastodon mask during th…
Metalhead Ned Gets an Addictive Virus from Dr. Mario
You may or may not have heard of my podcast that I am a part of called The SNaCK, but were a bunch of gaming/comic book/movie nerds. We enjoy talking about anything from our childhoods and today's stuff as well. Since we love the old school stuff, we love to play old Nintendo games.
Lately thoug…
Nintendo Has Me Wrapped Around Their Finger! [Video]
Why is it that every time Nintendo announces something, I have to own it? I owe it to my Nintendo Fanboy-ism on this, but yesterdays Nintendo Direct video had me excited for a lot of things, but one certain item stood out.
I already own one of these, but why do I need to buy another one?

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