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Taking a Couple of Days to Recover From Rock on The Range
Rock on the Range is quite the ordeal.
It is a lot of fun, but the few days after the big festival are quite grueling, especially if you have to work the day of.
It's been a couple of days and I am still recovering from the three day festival!
Playing Playstation at Rock on the Range [Gallery]
Every year I go to Rock on the Range, Playstation is always there to show off the latest games and gaming consoles from their line of successful video game brands.
Once again, I've gotta stop by the Playstation booth!
Baby Metal ROCKED Rock on the Range! [Gallery]
I knew that Baby Metal was something that everyone had to check out, but talk about being blown away!
I've watched a few of their videos on YouTube, but little did I know that not only was the show awesome, but the sound was full, different, and people were having a blast!
Awesome Dimebag Darrell Shrine at Rock on the Range [Gallery]
Rock on the Range isn't just about the bands, but all of the experience surrounding the awesome festival.
One of the best vendors that they have at Rock on the Range is Crazy Dave's Music Experience. Tons of guitars from all sort of different manufacturers.
Best part? The amazing Dimebag Dar…
Sleep on the Range: Metalhead Ned’s Motel Room
If you are smart and don't care to sleep in your car, you'll rent a room while you are staying at Rock on the Range, and that is exactly what I did.
Staying at a certain motel here in Columbus is quite the treat.
5 Things to Remember Before You Head to Rock on the Range 2015
Every year I head to Rock on the Range. So I speak from experience when I say that it's something that you need to prepare for, especially when you are on budget.
Rock on the Range is no cheap adventure! You have to pay for lodging, food, gas, and more!
Here is what I do every year to prepar…

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