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System of a Down Rocked DTE Energy Music Theatre! [Video]
If you were lucky enough to head to DTE Energy Music Theatre this past Wednesday, you would have seen a pretty awesome show!
For a total of 3 days in North America, System of a Down is doing an extremely tiny tour! Thankfully, they made their only United States stop in Detroit.
Metalhead Ned, Proud Owner of a Dean Cadillac Guitar [Video]
When you are a guitarist, there are guitars that just feel right.
I have been in bands before, and because of real life slapping me in the face, I had to put away the guitar so I could focus on my career and paying my bills on time.
Thanks to my wife, her and I were encouraged to finally get back into…
Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday: End of an Era
When I was younger, like around 2006, I was in a band called Groundswitch.
At the time, Pop Punk was pretty popular, easy to play, and was easy to write for. So why not create a Pop Punk band right? Chicks seemed to dig it! Plus I was balls deep into Green Day's 'American Idiot' so I w…
Metalhead Ned’s Epic Fail of the Week with Steve’s SpotBot
You know when you have those moments where you just plant your face into your hands and wonder what the hell you just did?
I borrowed Producer Steve's SpotBot a few weeks ago and felt REALLY bad that I lost the brush that came with it. Feeling bad, I ordered him a new one and expedited the shipp…
Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday: Gross Ass Dorm Shower
Living in a dorm room can either be a lot of fun or a living nightmare.
Fortunately I was one of those few that loved my roommates, and we all continue to be friends to this day.
While our friendships grew, so did the mildew and gross-ness of our dorm room shower.
Game Store Confessions: Supposed Guy with Gold in a Box
I have realized that when I used to work at a local game store, that I used to post on Facebook when someone odd, strange, or just plain annoying would come into the store.
I have worked at a few game stores in my life. One of them a well known company, and the other a local business here in town.

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