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Metalhead Ned Throwback Thursday: Intern Ned Days
Before you even do anything at a radio station, you need to pay your dues! Either standing in some sort of chicken costume, handing out bumper stickers, cleaning out trucks, you name it, I have probably done it.
Fortunately, I was never really treated horribly here at WGRD. Hell, I am still here aren…
Dude, I Wish I Was Back in Jamaica [Video]
This blog is not a commercial or anything, but damn, I wish I was back in Jamaica.
You know when you watch a TV show or something and they have some sort of dream about some sort of tropical paradise sitting on the beach?
My honeymoon in Jamaica was exactly that.
Why Do I Like Music with Theatrics So Much? [Video]
I have been listening to music for my entire life, like pretty much everyone else in the world, and been listening to metal and rock for a majority of it.
Over 200 concerts later, it turns out my favorite ones are the one with a show. I'm talking like explosions, pyro, masks, makeup, etc.
Remember When Sega Was King? [Video]
Being a '90's kid, I can't help but remember my childhood, which felt like it ended on December 31, 1999. After that date, everything felt older ya know?
If you listen to me on air or read any of my blogs, you'll know that I am quite the gamer. Before you were Playstation or Xbox.…
Are Video Games Art? [Video]
Here is an age old question that has plagued humanity for years and years!
Ok, maybe it's not that intense, but it is a good question.
Are video games art?

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