Baby Metal ROCKED Rock on the Range! [Gallery]
I knew that Baby Metal was something that everyone had to check out, but talk about being blown away!
I've watched a few of their videos on YouTube, but little did I know that not only was the show awesome, but the sound was full, different, and people were having a blast!
Dudes I Always Seem to Run Into at Metal Shows [List]
I have seen well over 200 concerts, which means I have most likely seen every kind of fan out there.
Arena shows, club shows, outdoor shows, basement shows. etc. I have seen them all! Because I have attended so many shows, I have begun to see similar fans at every show.
Metalocalype Will Not Return for a 5th Season [Video]
Pretty much the only reason that I do not have cable is because I can't afford the extra expense.
In reality though, the reason I don't have a cable or satellite provider is because I know there will not be a 5th season of Metalocalype.
Get Your Psychostick: The Tube Today! [Video]
Humor-core group Psychostick is at it again.
Most bands sell t-shirts, CD's, thongs, bumper stickers, etc. While you can buy this fine Psychostick merchandise, you can now buy a limited edition merchandise item starting today.
Psychostick: The Tube.

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