FREE Mushroomhead show in Jackson, MI June 21st!
Free? What is this great word know as free? Well, if you don't mind taking a hike down to Jackson, MI tonight, you can check out a free show! Meaning you don't need a ticket, or any kind of money to enjoy this show. Metal heads unite, Mushroomhead is comin' to Jackson!
Metalhead Ned’s Post to Commemorate Orion Music Fest
Dave Kim, JT, and Steve The Web Guy are ALL at Orion Music and More Festival this weekend. This, as a Metalhead, is pretty disappointing. Not only do I have to work at my other job all weekend, but I am missing a Metallica lovers DREAM SHOW! So here is a post that might cheer up you metal heads that…
Behemoth Forced to Cancel 2013 Mayhem Festival Appearences
Really? Are you freakin' kidding me? Do you know how excited I was to see this band live for the first time? At least they have a good reason for leaving the tour though. However, this also does affect a certain concert coming to Grand Rapids too!
DEVICE’s Debut Album-Good or Bad?
David Draimen is a pretty well known name in the music and metal community. The frontman of Disturbed and a Twitter feed that is constantly being updated with something political. I LOVE Disturbed, so when I heard they were going on hiatus, I was disappointed and worried. Draimen is keeping busy tho…

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