Anthrax’s Scott Ian Joins Full Metal Jackie Tonight
Check out Full Metal Jackie on Sunday as she is joined by Scott Ian of Anthrax!
Also on the show, another edition of JASTA’S WEEKLY PICK FROM THE PIT with Jamey Jasta. A member of Dethklok will check in for the Dethklok Brutal Pick of the week...
I’m a Dog And I Like Socks, DON’T JUDGE ME! [Video]
I have been a fan of the humor-core band Psychostick for a few years now, and this video is kind of old, but that doesn't mean it still kicks ass. Of all the things you could write a song about, why not write a song about a Dog...that likes socks, and make it metal as 'eff?
Wayne Static and Ventana Headline Carnival of Chaos 2014 in Stanton
The Carnival of Chaos has been missing from the metal scene for a good few years. The Carnival of Chaos is one of Michigan's premiere METAL FESTIVALS complete with body suspension, tattooing, piercing, camping, wet t-shirt contest, and most importantly...over 70 metal bands! This year, it all c…
Obey the Beard Because Psychostick Said So! [Video]
Humorcore band Psychostick has brought out another fine metal tune into the world.
If you have never seen or heard Psychostick, it is one of the funniest bands you can mosh and laugh too. They even have a song where they put a sombrero on someone in the audience and proceed to play a song where the …

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