Cristina From Lacuna Coil Joins Full Metal Jackie Sunday Night!
Cristina from Lacuna Coil is our guest on the show this week as we celebrate their new album Broken Crown Halo. We’ll have another edition of Jasta’s weekly Pick From the Pit and the Dethklok Brutal Pick of the week. Listen in for music from KILLER BE KILLED, ASSASSINS & More
This is Why the News Media Totally Sucks at Their Job [Rant]
The Fort Hood shooting spree Wednesday was a terrible thing. It's always bad that these things happen. Our thoughts go out to all the families of those affected by this tragedy.
As if the incident wasn't bad enough, why does the news media add stupid crap in the following days. Like the latest news s…
Brutal Metal Guys With Cute Fluffy Cats
When you think metal, what do you think? Tall dudes wearing black, spikes, long hair, tons of tattoo's, and listening to bands like Goatwhore right? Now combine these brutal dudes with a cute fluffy cat.
Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) Joins Full Metal Jackie on Sunday!
Don't miss this weeks Full Metal Jackie show this Sunday as she is joined by the ALMIGHTY Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead!
Jamey Jasta checks in for another JASTA WEEKLY PICK FROM THE PIT and a member of Dethklok will pick a tune for the DETHKLOK BRUTAL PICK OF THE WEEK...
Let Us Slay While Watching Some GWAR Vids! [Video]
The big news this week in the rock world is, of course, the passing of the great Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie of GWAR.
So, what better way to celebrate his great life than with some awesome GWAR videos?
If you have never seen any GWAR videos, take a look at some of the group's …
Metalhead Ned’s Tribute to Scumdog ‘Oderus Urungus’ [Video]
Today is a very sad day. I really am trying to come to terms with the news I heard when I turned on my phone and saw a Facebook message that readd, "I don't know if this is true, but check this out!"
I read the message and a terrible feeling came over me to find out that the l…
Let’s Watch Some Awesome Metal Video’s
For some reason, I really can't find to much to do today. I am only 26 years old and I can't find one damn thing to do! Better surf the internet and watch some metal videos and share them with you!

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