This Guy Partied Hard at Carnival of Chaos
It's the morning, I am tired, and it was pretty cold...that's always fun. Fortunatly, I had a tent and a warm sleeping bag to sleep in. It was cold windy morning for me.
This guy though, well that's a different story.
Carnival of Chaos Day 1 Recap
Talk about one heck of day! There was fire breathers, drunk people, and a variety of music from all around the state. Check out my full recap here and some of the unique moments I captured.
A Wickedly Awesome Metal Tribute to Video Games
Sometimes when I see people playing guitar, I look back at my guitar escapades back in the day and say, "Why did I even try?" Then I just play some video games and forget about that whole thing. Then comes along this epic video of this dude playing some amazing video games tunes in…

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