GWAR Sets Date for Destruction at The Intersection on Nov. 23! [Video]
Losing the great scumdog of Oderus Urungus will not slow down the killing machine that is GWAR.
Recently, they played their usual GWAR-B-Q and sent Oderus via a Viking Funeral.
However, it's back to business for the earth dominators as they will make their way to The Intersection in Grand Rapid…
Games To Try Before You Die: Splatterhouse (XB360,PS3)
Blood, guts, decapitations, death, and heavy metal. This game is the definition of all of that! When this game was first announced, I got pretty excited. It was an old school beat em' up in the 21st century. The game has been critically panned by critics everywhere, but I loved it.
Watch a Megadeth Full Live Show from Bloodstock
This is why the internet is awesome.  A band can play a show on a completely different continent on Sunday, and by Monday afternoon, we can watch that show here!
Megadeth is doing some festivals and big shows, while they work on the next Megadeth album, which will hopefully be fast and thrashy again.

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