Go Deep Into the ‘Knot with Slipknot’s Video Autobiography
Slipknot's new album, .5 The Gray Chapter is out, and it's the first album without Paul Gray and Joey Jordison.  The guys had been leaking out song after song on the web, so people could check it all out before the album released, and now that the CD is out, you can get deeper into 20 years of the '…
Battlecross Returns to The Stache on November 26! [Video]
This year is sure going to go out with a bang!
So many shows are coming to the Grand Rapids area, it's insanity; especially in November!
Another show just got announced and this is one of the more extreme bands I have seen!
Michigan natives Battlecross are returning to The Stache!
Mushroomhead Returns to The Intersection on December 21!
Just seems like yesterday these guys were at The Orbit Room with ICP! However it's almost Christmas time and things are always a little 'too happy' around that time of year. Sounds like a good time to welcome back one of my favorite masked bands...
Band Names That ‘Cannot’ be Said on Radio Airwaves
As a super-fan of the heavy metal genre of music, the bands I like have awesome names, yet sometimes really out of this world names. Names that I wonder how on this earth they came up with! I'll be honest, there are a few of these names that I have mentioned on air, but we're a rock statio…

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